These Links Will Take You to Information on Cat Topics

Diabetes in Cats

Diabetes can be a very confusing disease to understand, and be overwhelming to the owner at first. These links will give you the information and the support you need when taking care of your diabetic cat.

  • Diabetes Mellitus An article at Washington State University Veterinary College about Diabetes. A good description of the disease with lots of pictures about giving injections.
  • is a complete pet health guide to treatment of diabetes mellitus in cats.
  • Managing the Diabetic Cat The British site article with pictures and text.
  • This Pet Diabetes website is designed to give you quick reference to URL links that may answer many of your questions.
  • Providing Educational Information, Internet Resources, Personal Experiences, and Support for Owners of Diabetic Pets. There are cat specific links on this page.
  • VIDEO – Caring for Your Diabetic Cat Excellent video, divided into 6 parts if you have a slow internet connection, at the Cornell Cat Care Center. See and hear how to draw up the insulin and give injections safely and easily. Look at the list of links in the upper left hand corner below the banner.

Chronic Kidney Failure in Cats

Unfortunately, many of our feline friends develop kidney failure in later life. The good news is that owners can help their cat feel better and live longer by learning how to give sub-cutaneous fluids at home. These links will help you understand the disease process.

Diseases in Cats

Behavior Problems and Solutions

  • Cat Behavior Tip Sheets The Humane Society of the United States website has a collection of articles on cat behavior problems. This link will take you to a page full of links.
  • Indoor Cat Initiative If you keep your cat indoors you will want to visit this site. Sometimes our feline friends can get bored and then develop undesirable behaviors if kept indoors.

Orphaned Kittens

This is a collection of links that will help you nurture kittens. While we may not agree with everything stated on the sites, in general the advice given is very good.