Dr. Waugh frequently writes for a local Magazine 4 Legs and a Tail. Check out our dental articles by clicking the magazine covers below

Summer 2022 Issue
“The Cat with an Alarming Tumor” (page 26)

Spring 2022 Issue
“The Case of the Dog with Holes in his Head” (page 52)

Winter 2021 Issue
“Short Jaw” (page 50)

Fall 2021 Issue
“I’m Afraid of Anesthesia for My Pet” (page 34)

Spring 2021 Issue
“I’m Afraid of Anesthesia for My Pet” Part 3 (page 56)

Winter 2021 Issue
“I’m Afraid of Anesthesia for My Pet” Part 2 (page 22)

Summer 2020 Issue
“Dental Pain Can Lead to Aggressive Behavior” (page 42)

Spring 2020 Issue
“When Things Go Wrong, Sometimes They Go Really Wrong” Part 3 (page 54)

Winter 2019 Issue
“When Things Go Wrong, Sometimes They Go Really Wrong” Part 2 (page 48)

Summer 2019 Issue
“You Want to Brush My Dogs…What?” (page 20)

Spring 2019 Issue
“Teeth Don’t Always End Up Where They Should When a Puppy Grows Up” (page 50)

Winter 2018 Issue
“Common Myth About Dental Disease in Dogs and Cats” (page 34)

Fall 2018 Issue
“Does My Cat Have Dental Disease?…” (page 32)

Summer 2018 Issue
“Does My Dog Have Dental Disease?” (page 20)

Spring 2018 Issue
“How much (err, old) is that Doggie In the Window? (page 42)

Winter 2017 Issue
“Once theTeeth Are Clean Let’s Keep Them That Way-Cats” (page 40)

Fall 2017 Issue
“Once the Teeth Are Cleaned Let’s Keep Them That Way – Dogs.” (page 32)

Summer 2017 Issue
“Skin Disease From a Fractured Tooth.” (page 40)

Spring 2017 Issue

“Fractured Jaw Fixed With Dental Materials.” (page 50)

Winter 2017 Issue

“Make a New Year’s Resolution: Get Those Teeth Cleaned and Keep ’em Clean.” (page 52)

Fall 2016 Issue

“The Demon Possessed Cat Cured by Extractions.” (page 19)

Summer 2016 Issue

“Sometimes Teeth End Up in the Wrong Place.” (page 56)

Spring 2016 Issue

“A New Technique for Extracting Lower Jaw Canine Teeth or What I Learned at the 2015 Veterinary Dental Forum.” (page 54)

Winter 2015 Issue

“When Missing Teeth Really are Not Missing, Just Hiding.” (page 42)

Fall 2015 Issue

“If I Can’t Brush My Cat’s or Dog’s Teeth, What Else Can I do to Control Periodontal Disease?”

(page 30)

Summer 2015 Issue

“Don’t Treat Your Dog to a Bone or Your Dog May Need Treatment” (page 50)

Spring 2015 Issue

“What can Happen to an Infected Lower Molar In Small Dogs?” (page 50)

Spring 2015 Issue (Keene)

“The Cat With the Golden Tooth” (page 27)

Winter 2014 Issue

“Small Dogs with Pushed-in Faces Have Even More Dental Problems (page 57)

Winter 2014 Issue (Keene)

“February is Pet Dental Health Month: Why Your Pet’s Dental Health is so Important” (page 24)

Fall 2014 Issue

“Why do Small Dogs Have More and Earlier Dental Disease than Large Dogs?”

(page 52)