Posted By : Rob (
Posted : 7/3/2011
Comments : Sandy and her team came thru on taking care of Bo’s teeth. He had to have 9 teeth removed, the team worked overtime on this one. Sand gave us a very in depth report with color pictures of his teeth and explanations of why each tooth had to be removed. They printed out this great hand out of everything they did. You guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By : Rob (
Posted : 4/3/2011
Comments : There is none better than Dr. Mike and Dr. Sandy. There is no better staff than Marie,Emily,Angie and Collin. The one on one care they have given each of our pets is fantastic.

Posted By : Andrea (
Posted : 2/10/2011
Comments : Just moved here and am slowly introducing my animals to Dr Mcintire and staff. Found their listing online- and God has sent me to the right place. They charge reasonably, explain everything and handle my pets expertly. My dog & cat both had issues and they handled them immediately, efficiently and fully. My pets are both much more comfortable now and going to the vet isn’t such a fear, for them or me. They answer my questions exhaustively and I get plenty enough face time with the vet. He didn’t make me feel like he had a million other things to do besides attend to me. When I get results from tests back, the Dr calls me directly, and promptly. They work with my quirks and assure me. They really worked with me like in olden times when clients weren’t just dollar signs. I feel very safe bringing my beloved pets to this older man with years of experience. Even the receptionist has been with him over 14 years and she does not merely sit behind the desk, disinterestedly: she gets involved and is informative and friendly also. I also like the relaxed atmosphere, it’s not all stainless steel and alcohol smell in there.

Posted By : Mary
Posted : 10/29/2010
Comments : My 9 year old German Shephard Barley has terrible joints, and worse teeth…but we just were not ready to “let him go” when it became apparant one lower molar in particular had become “terrible awfull”. I found DR Sandy through refferal from our Concord NH emergency center – and she was a God send! Barley was given an appointment almost imediately, and Dr Sandy and her staff showed great kindness and compasion to my gentle beloved boy. His teeth were indeed awfull, but the worse villians (7) were removed…we will think about the rest. It’s been just 10 days since surgery but Barley already seems much happier and more relaxed, I had no idea how much pain his mouth was causing him! Once he heals enough to pick up his toys…the world will be a truly joyfull place. All my thanks to Dr Sandy and her staff.

Posted By : Jennifer Fullerton (
Posted : 7/7/2010
Comments : Not to leave out wonderful Marie. Marie, you always loved Pumbaa and made him feel comfortable there. He never feared going to the vet which is huge. I love you all and as soon as I can find another special pup we will be down to see you all.

Posted By : Jennifer Fullerton (
Posted : 7/7/2010
Comments : I want to publicly thank Dr. Mike and Dr. Sandy for their years of great care of my beloved boxer/lab mix Pumbaa. Unfortunately my boy had cancer and we had to put him down last week but they were loving, caring and compassionate and their care of him was excellent. I can’t thank them and their staff, Angie, Emily and Collin, enough for their help and caring at a very difficult time.

Posted By : Terrill Brown, D.D.S.
Posted : 5/17/2010
Comments : Our two year old Labrador, Ginger, broke a lower canine tooth and our veterinarian at Oxbow in Bradford, VT referred us to the Windsor Dental Services. Dr Waugh completed a root canal procedure on the tooth and I completed a crown preparation at the first visit. A gold crown was fabricated by our dental laboratory and cemented at the second visit. Dr Waugh and her staff were very caring and professional. I would highly recommend them for veterinary and dental procedures.

Posted By : Kari LaFlam`
Posted : 3/23/2010
Comments : My dogs regular vet referred us to Dr. Sandy when our 6 year old basset developed an abscess. When I called to find out more about what they would do and how much it would cost the staff was so nice! They where so pleasant to talk with and very knowledgeable. At the appointment the morning of the surgery Dr. Sandy explained EVERYTHING she would do in a way that I could understand! After the cleaning and x-rays where done Dr. Sandy called me to let me know what she had found and the options for what to do, as she had found 5 other teeth that where in poor condition. It was a huge decision, but I felt like I made the right choice right away with all the information I had from her. She then spent an hour with us when we went to pick him up just going over all his x-rays, answering all our questions and educating us on what to do to to maintain his healthy mouth. I left feeling very knowledgeable about all the information relayed to us. We where sent home with a perfectly outlined medication schedule, brushing guidelines and best of all perfect x-rays, pictures and diagrams of before and after and explanations of what was done. Most importantly they really cared about my dog and he was treated wonderfully before, during and after his surgery. I could not have been happier with the whole thing.

Posted By : Debbie Griffin (
Posted : 6/29/2008
Comments : During an annual exam it was discovered my 6 year old Pomeranian, Dudley, had a broken tooth and some teeth that looked bad. During the dental operation it was worse than we thought. Dudley had 2 abscessed teeth, an impacted tooth and a lot of bone loss. Dr. Sandy did a super job in not only cleaning, but trying to save some of the teeth. He did end up losing 11 teeth, but the end result was great. Dr. Sandy was great with the follow up care and help with learning how to brush teeth.

Posted By : Clover
Posted : 5/24/2008
Comments : My silly mastiff got into a fight with the tire of our truck and he broke one of his canine teeth. He was at the vets and had his tooth fixed 2 days later. Not only was Dr. Sandy able to save his tooth, but she was able to keep the tooth alive. So now my silly dog has a perfectly good 1/2 of a canine tooth. Thanks to everyone who went out of their way to save my dogs tooth for another chomp.

Posted By : val
Posted : 4/23/2008
Comments : Recently my dog Chief had a slab fx and needed to have the tooth extracted. My regular vet referred me to Windsor vet and dental services. They where very good about explaining everything that was going to be done. I was very pleased with the care they took to be sure I understood. Chief seemed very comfortable with the folks there. I would recommend these folks to anyone who needs dental care for their 4 legged family members.

Posted By : Lisa Beth Campbell
Posted : 12/10/2007
Comments : Both of my cats, Meeka & Jocomo have received top notch medical and dental care for serious conditions/injuries at Windsor Vet & Dental. We were particularly pleased at how they treated our “babies” as if they were their own. It was a comfort to us all. They also went the extra mile to comfort and reassure me as well, recognizing my anxiety over my precious kitties. To Clover, Angie, Dr. Sandy, Dr. Mike, Dr. Philippa and Marie, we can’t thank you enough. Love, Meeka & Jocomo and family.

Posted By : lyn higgins
Posted : 7/16/2007
Comments : The dental work our cat required was costly but very very effective in restoring her health and happiness. We, like others, saw considerable signs of her feeling much better. Most impressive was Dr. Waugh’s careful explanation of the procedures and after care, and the office being willing to set up a payment plan to help out with finances.

Posted By : Janet (
Posted : 6/10/2007
Comments : Because my cat Seal was drinking so much water (as well as a few other symptoms) I brought him in to be evaluated by Dr. Mike. Fortunately, Dr. Sandy was in-house at the time and took a look at his teeth as well. His mouth was full of rotten teeth and infection. A couple of days later his blood work showed that he is diabetic, so he had two very serious, but controllable diseases going on. With a lot of team effort, we were able to get Seal’s Diabetes under control so that it would be safe to have dental surgery. He had all of his back teeth extracted. Three weeks later, he is back eating his dry food and acting more normal than I have observed in many months. Even his blood sugar level went down low enough so that he doesn’t have to have insulin at this point in time! Thank you to all the staff at the Windsor Pet Dental for the encouragement and support during a difficult time. It was very much worth the effort to see my cat back to his fifteen year old self again.

Posted By : rob (
Posted : 4/16/2007
Comments : We have 4 dogs and because of Drs Mike and Sandy are animals are always in the best of health. Mike and the staff always takes time to explain what they are doing. We have had to have teeth pulled and pins put in the leg of one our Papillions. Sandy’s surgery skills are the best in the area. You guys are cat’s meow!

Posted By : Deana Sansing
Posted : 4/7/2007
Comments : My dog Dover needed what I thought was going to be one or two root canals. As it turned out the teeth were too damaged for root canals. She had three teeth pulled, she came home and recovered very nicely!

Posted By : Garry Gove (N/A)
Posted : 10/13/2006
Comments : My dogs have beautiful white teeth. They line up everyday after lunch for a tooth-brushing which they love. There is a definitive improvement in doggy breath with little work on my part

Posted By : Nancy (
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Posted : 10/10/2006
Comments : My dog Rosalita (Rosie) is a happy, healthy, 7-year old golden/chow mix. We are her third family and three times was the charm. She is truly our “princess.” When we first got her from an animal rescue home she was a mess. Bad habits, bad breath, poor health. Now she’s an amazing dog. She has been seeing Dr. Mike for 6 years and just loves everyone on staff. Last year she had her teeth professionally cleaned by Dr. Sandy. Following the cleaning Sandy explained to me how to keep Rosie’s teeth and gums in tip-top shape and we’ve been following Sandy’s instructions to the “T” over the last year. No more bad breath!!! Rosie will even sit in the kitchen staring at me then the toothbrush, then me, then the toothbrush until I brush her teeth after dinner. She LOVES the C.E.T. Poultry flavor!! Thanks Drs. Mike and Sandy!!

Posted By : Lois Hoyns
Posted : 9/28/2006
Comments : A note of thanks to Dr. Sandy for her great dentistry on all of my dogs. (Three greyhounds and two basenji)

Posted By : Holly Johnson (
Posted : 9/17/2006
Comments : Our cat Portia didn’t seem to be in pain yet but during a routine cleaning resorptive sessions were found on several teeth. She was also developing a sore on her gum from where a tooth was rubbing a spot where a tooth used to be. Dr. Waugh removed seven teeth. It was unexpected and a little traumatic for us, especially for Portia, but I felt good about the fact that my sweet Portia was getting needed care. I took her home and she was still fairly uncomfortable the next day. The staff called to see how she was doing and suggested we bring her back in for some fluids and pain meds. There was no extra charge for this service. Also, for several days afterwards we received phone calls from Angie calling to check on her progress. I felt very grateful that people cared. Shortly after her recovery we noticed that Portia was more relaxed and affectionate than ever before. I think she is more comfortable physically. I like the care my four animals receive from everyone at Windsor Pet Dental. Thanks Dr. Waugh, Dr. Mike, Marie, Angie, Eva and everyone else!!

Posted By : Chris Courtemanche (
Posted : 9/13/2006
Comments : Duke is a very active Golden Retriever that believes his job on this earth is to have a rock in his mouth. Unfortunately, one day the rock got the best of him and broke his tooth in which he needed to have removed. The staff at Windsor Dental Services were very kind and helpful with Duke, especially since he is a big chicken when it comes to visiting the Vet. Now that it is all over, Duke is back to his normal, active self. I would definitely recommend using Windsor Pet Dental for all your pets needs.

Posted By : Eleanor Short
Posted : 9/12/2006
Comments : Buddy is doing fine. His teeth are very good and look clean and healthy. He also eats well too. I put him on a leash and hooked it to the washline so he can play back and forth. (Buddy had a vital pulpotomy done when he was a kitten.)

Posted By : Angie
Posted : 9/7/2006
Comments : My cat Sol just didn’t seem like himself. He always slept on my pillow at night and just stopped doing this. I also noticed that he wasn’t interested in his dry food either. Every time I went to touch his mouth it would chatter. I found out that my cat had resorptive lesions on his teeth causing him pain. I brought him in for a dental cleaning and had his bad teeth extracted. I am very pleased to report that he acts much younger! He not only went back to sleeping on my pillow, he also started to be more playful.

Posted By : Sandy
Posted : 9/6/2006
Comments : My cat Hilfy was not eating well at all, despite her diabetic condition. She had just developed diabetes, and this caused her periodontal disease to rapidly become much worse. After her teeth were extracted she felt sooo much better! Now she is back to all of her usual habits – wanting the milk from my cereal bowl, shredding magazines with teeth and claws, and racing around with her tail crooked over her back. It is a joy to see her have so much energy.